As professionals in logistics, we recognize the necessity to provide better warehousing service. Our service offers inventory management, cross-dock service, picking and warehouse management rental service. With over 20.000 square meter and growing space, we have storage solutions for each and every specific type of inventory along with tailored services in accordance to your needs.

Our types of spaces are facilitated with security features such as CCTV and 24/7-security service giving you the control and a peace-of-mind in monitoring and leaving your inventories in our hands. Syncrum Logistics types of spaces:


Space Lease gives you the flexibility to choose an area at the warehouse for your inventories fitting to the volume of your goods. Our trusted partners in chemical, spare parts, and plastic resin use this option.


Our Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS) solutions emphasizes on accuracy to minimize errors and potential damaging to loads. Our partners using ASRS solutions range from the automotive, consumer goods and chemical industry.